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birth name freya lorena kay canosa date of birth & age may 11, 1987 | 28 astrological sign taurus occupation actress, author hometown waikiki, hawaii current residence between los angeles
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2005 The ballad of Jack and Rose...Rose
2005 The quiet...Dot
2006 Take the lead...Sasha
2007 Transformers...Mikaela Banes
2008 Forgetting Sarah Marshall...Rachel Jensen
2008 Autopsy...Emily
2009 Jennifer's Body...Jennifer
2010 Altitude..Sara
2011 The Roommate...Sara Matthews
2012 A Mother's Nightmare...Vanessa Redlynn
2014 Unfriended...Blaire
2014 ouija..debbie galardi

2006-2010 H20: Just Add Water...Cleo
2015 Scream Queens...Hester Ulrich / Chanel #6

Freya Lorena Lee Canosa was born on May 11th, 1987 to Delia Canosa and Ray Canosa off the shores of Waikiai, Hawaii. Growing up, she was a very well behaved and loved child. Although her parents split when she was young, Freya grew up with her mother in Waikiki along the beach, which she never minded at all. She had a quiet upbringing, her mom kept in a small circle of close friends and never wanted any harm to come to her daughter's way. She wasn't too overly protective, but she was just enough as to where she grew up, and still to this day, being best friends with her mom. When her parents split up, her father, Ray moved to a small town in Georgia where he married for the first time and got his life together more. He was in and out of prison and he had a problem with alcohol, which he never showed around Freya and growing up she was very thankful for that.

Freya was always entertaining people in one way or another growing up. Her mom knew that she had potential and knew that she wouldn't get far in the beaches and shores of Waikiki, and as much as they loved it there, her mom made the move to Los Angeles in late 1996 to be with her mothers maternal family. She auditioned for roles like crazy until eventually landing the role of Rose Slavin in the film The Ballad of Jack and Rose. It wasn't until then that she 100% knew what she wanted to do, she wanted to act, and she wasn't going to let anything stop her. After that, she heard about the casting of Dot in The Quiet, and auditioned and landed the role shortly after auditioning. This character was particularly really challenging for her, but she studied her role well and had no regrets.

Still continuing with her love of film as well, in 2006 she landed the part in the film Take the lead as Sasha. She says that the role of Sasha opened up her world to dancing and has loved it ever since. It wasn't too long after filming that movie that her mom decided she wanted to move with her maternal family in Australia. This left Freya absolutely devastated, she wanted to give up and it left her completely discouraged. After she was done sulking after the move to Australia, she heard that they were auditioning for a new show called H2O. She made the arrangements with her parents right away and after waiting what seemed like months, she got the call that she got accepted for the role of Cleo. Freya is famous for putting on different accents, and nailing her Australian accent was a plus for the producers. She does have family from Australia but being Hawaiian born, didn't have a chance to develop the Australian accent. She lived on and off in Australia until the show ended in 2010, doing other movies once a year when she had a break to fly to the appropriate locations.

However, things changed in 2008 when she got pregnant with her first child. However, she was able to work around her schedule and the timing ended up being just right for the most part, however, there were some roles that she had to pass on due to her pregnancy. Freya has always been hush hush about who her daughter's father is for numerous reasons, one of them being he's not involved in her life. Freya is very protective of her daughter in many ways, and doesn't like posting pictures of her a whole lot even though she's an active Twitter and Instagram user. She inherited her want and need of privacy from her mom, no doubt about it. Freya didn't let having a child stop her work, and luckily with the help of her mother she was able to continue to do so. Freya says in interviews how lucky she is that her family, the cast and crew of H2O really helped her out in unimaginable ways.

Freya got pregnant again in early 2014, to her fiance of 3 years. It was not a surprise to anyone because Freya openly speaks about having a lot of children. Freya gave birth in October of 2014 to another beautiful baby girl and immediately could not wait to get back to work. She ended up landing the role of Hester on Scream Queens and for the first time, on a television series. It has opened a new world for her and she continues to push herself to new limits.

froot (2015)

1. Happy
2. Froot
3. I'm a Ruin
4. Blue
5. Forget
6. Gold
7. Can't Pin Me Down
8. Solitaire
9. Better Than That
10. Weeds
11. Savages
12. Immortal

electra heart (2012)

1. Bubblegum Bitch
2. Primadonna
3. Lies
4. Homewrecker
5. Starring Role
6. The State of Dreaming
7. Power & Control
8. Living Dead
9. Teen Idle
10. Valley of the Dolls
11. Hypocrates
12. Fear and Loathing
13. Radioactive
14. Sex Yeah
15. Lonely Hearts Club
16. Buy the Stars

the family jewels (2010)

1. Are You Satisfied?
2. Shampain
3. I Am Not a Robot
4. Girls
5. Mowgli's Road
6. Obsessions
7. Hollywood
8. The Outsider
9. Guilty
10. Hermit The Frog
11. Oh No!
12. Seventeen
13. Numb